(iii) In determining the number of leave earned for extension by reference to Article 7, account shall be taken of any vested leave authorized under the above reservation. 10. A limited leave may be preceded or added to any regular leave. (4) Provided that his vacation pay does not in any case exceed the amount permitted under subsection (1) or (2), vacation pay received by a staff member on leave from India and Nepal shall be subject to a minimum of Rs 250 per canteen. Note 2. Where a staff member who has been granted leave not due under this clause requests authorization to retire voluntarily, the leave not due shall be cancelled when the authorization is granted. (i) during the extension period, the renewal period that was due for the extension period and, if applicable, for the extension period that could have been granted to him under the above-mentioned reservation had been withdrawn at the time of compulsory retirement; Provided that such a government employee is not entitled to leave acquired in leave for the first year of service: (3) Converted leave that does not exceed one-half of the half-leave due may be granted, on medical certificate, only to a public servant in permanent employment, provided that the following conditions are met: namely: 11. Compensatory leave can be attached to any type of leave / be preceded. (2) These rules also apply to all Class IV government employees, with the exception of: (a) those who were employed on or before the 31st.

In August 1932, they entered permanent service in the provinces of Bihar and Orissa and chose not to be subject to the rules hereby repealed; 14. Special leave is not authorized for tubrectomy operations performed during maternity leave. Explanation: For the purposes of this rule, a staff member may be considered to be on leave only if, in good time before the date of retirement or before the date on which his or her service is terminated, he or she has either formally requested pre-retirement leave and has been denied leave because of the exigencies of the public service, or if he has established in writing to the sanctioning authority that: such leave, if requested, would not be granted for the abovementioned reason. (2) Half-paid leave may be granted to an official on the basis of a medical certificate or in private matters. (b) Where part of the leave has been taken in a given year, the period of reduction of the leave acquired shall be a fraction of fifteen days or thirty days in proportion to the ratio of the part of the leave taken over the entire period of leave. Annex 6. The entries in columns 12 and 13 should only indicate the beginning and end of the years of service completed at the time of the start of the leave with half pay. If a government employee is performing another year of service during a half-paid leave, the additional credit must be indicated in columns 12 to 16 by appropriate additional entries, which must be taken into account to complete column 32.

44. Leave Exceeded under the CCS (Leave) Rules, 1972. However, the granting of extraordinary leave of up to eighteen months under subparagraph (iii) of this subparagraph shall be authorized only to civil servants who have been in the public service continuously for more than one year, it being understood that, in the case of a public servant in class I of the civil service, the acquired leave may be granted for a period of more than 120 days, however, not to exceed 180 days if all or part of the leave granted is spent outside India and Nepal; (b) persons transferred from Madras who were not covered by the Madras Leave Rules 1933 and who did not elect to be subject to the rules repealed herein. (2) An employee who takes leave with pay from a post not exceeding Rs 100 per canteen shall be entitled to vacation pay equal to the salary received immediately before the commencement of the leave. 4. If an official who is not employed on a permanent basis does not resume his duties at the end of the maximum period of extraordinary leave granted to him or abstains from a period which, together with the extraordinary leave granted, exceeds the limit up to which he could have benefited from such leave. under these rules, unless the State Government provides otherwise in the exceptional circumstances of the case, he is removed from office in accordance with the procedure provided for in the Orissa Civil Service (Classification, Control and Appeals) Regulations 1962. Explanation: Leave from average quarterly salary paid before 1.

The month of November 1951 shall be considered as half-paid leave within the meaning of this clause. 3. Those rules do not apply to persons for whom special leave provisions have been established by the Government. It is also provided that in the event of treatment for pulmonary tuberculosis at the residence, the government employee will present a certificate from a specialist attesting that he or she is being treated and has a reasonable chance of recovery at the end of the recommended leave. (ii) if another leave is authorized, but the government employee concerned requests it in writing for an extraordinary leave. (viii) `leave with half pay` means the number of leave with half pay calculated in accordance with rule 9 for the whole service, less the duration of leave for private affairs and leave on the basis of a medical certificate issued before 1. November 1951 and half-pay leave taken from that date. (iii) “year of service”, one year of continuous service and “three years of continuous service” means periods of continuous service of a term under the Government and includes periods of service and holidays, including extraordinary leave.