In other areas, the word debauresa takes on other meanings. o Chega does it with teachers: it is a real trawl that, as we know, debauchery is not only in other situations, the belly is also a feminine adjective. vulgar, who are not infamous, must sympathize with the adversaries who are victims of the degradation of intimacy through the public exposure of intimacy and that, unlike a 451 The train at the dawn of winter builds cultivated fields, olive groves, is safe as the sky, like uncertain clouds,. As a feminine adjective, the term debauchery, especially in Brazil, is used to refer to an ordinary woman – who has prostituted herself or corrupted, who has no sexual boundaries (has no puding), is a light, sensual, indecent, provocative and permissive woman. “Carla was labeled for no reason by her classmates, thanks to her attitude at a weekend party.” In Brazil, the word debauchery also serves as an adjective to characterize an ordinary woman who has no limits of sexuality, that is, woman without punishment in terms of sex, simple woman, sensual, libertine, committed and given to the pleasures of the flesh, prostitute. The fog rises from the river, debacle pastures and sugar cane plantations, sweeps away the neighborhood: It is as if the meaning of the word debelly also refers to auditing, verification and lecture. The government hopes that debauchery in the changes will be limited to politicians of the lower clergy, which would limit the damage. 1. Act or effect of devassar (e.g. Debauresa of privacy). = DEVASSAMENTO After another meticulous debauchery during my life, can it be determined that luck protects the bold? In.. but this has never been seen, for now His gaze is pure water free water – gives us names even to pain We have gained it by losing it.

In 2011, the propaganda of free beer appeared with the slogan – “Everyone has his free side”. And who surprises the audience is the singer Sandy, who is involved in advertising, because she has always been known for her Recato and Meiguice. In Brazil, the word debauchery also functions primarily as an adjective to characterize an ordinary woman who has become corrupt or prostitute. There is a brand of beer called “devassa”, which belongs to the Schincariol group. At its launch, it had a huge impact on many people by having in advertising the participation of celebrities Paris Hilton. When extravagant beer first appeared, it was only marketed in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, but today it can be found in several Brazilian cities. “She had everything to be good in life, but she became a free woman.” Example: “She acted like a dissolute at last night`s party.” In our eyes, they lead a gratuitous and sinful life: murderers, corrupt, rapists, thieves, etc. Living flora of this dissolute glory of thee You are the food of my dawnHeart that plays nothing and no one In the legal field, the terms “close debauchery” or “take debauchery” are used to designate, prosecute or not pursue a court decision and the initiation of criminal prosecution. pursue.

Devassa is a feminine noun meaning action or effect of Devassar. Devassar, in turn, can have several meanings. Feminine nominal action or Devassar effect. [In a broader sense] meet actions developed for knowledge; Interrogation, investigation. [Legal] (Meticulous) investigation of a crime by examining facts and/or witness statements. [Legal] The development of the recording of this action. Adjective, feminine noun [Brazil] Pej. One whose behavior is synonymous with vulgarity; spoiled or libertine. Etymology (origin of the word excessive).

Regressive path of Devassar. One of the most commonly used synonyms for the word free is: Another high-impact ad appeared in 2011, when the brand used singer Sandy as the child of the time. Sandy has always been known for her sweet and low-key personality, but as the slogan of the ad itself indicated: “Everyone has a Devassa side.” In Brazil, there are 11 volumes of Devassa cars. It is an eighteenth-century document describing the entire trial of the authors of distrust moved by the Portuguese crown, one of them José da Silva Xavier, known as the Tiradentes. These manuscripts contain relevant points about the sentences and treason charges of the accused. Devassa is also a beer brand of the Schincariol Group, which influenced its launch by having American celebrity Paris Hilton as a figurehead. The Devassa da Inconfidência Mineira, as some call these documents, also reveals certain customs of the time, types of clothing and kitchen utensils. It is undoubtedly a material of great historical value. Initially, Devassa beer was only available in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, but today it is already found in several Brazilian cities.

It can serve as a subject for anyone who leads a permissive and unruly life and can perform a comprehensive review of a person`s life. The one or the one who is morally ashamed. = CORRUPT, UNDISCIPLINED, EXTRAVAGANT, PERMISSIVE ≠, INNOCENT, PURE, VIRTUOUS. The brand of beer was previously distributed only in the states of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, today it is found in several other Brazilian states. It also refers to investigation/investigation and thorough/detailed research. 2. [Law] [Law] Investigation of the investigation of a criminal offence. Devassa is a feminine noun, but the term is also a verb form of the verb Devassar, which is indicative in the third person singular and as an imperative in the second person singular. Devassa is an investigation to investigate a crime. This involves gathering evidence, observing and interviewing witnesses to investigate a criminal act.