With the legal notices, taxpayers receive credits when registering the CPF in purchase invoices. Thus, the amounts can be reduced in taxes or redeemed in July. Even those with assets registered in the Federal District can receive credits generated until February 2022 and valid for two years – in cash. The R$50,000 winner requested the exchange of the prize. Participants can check if they have been randomly drawn on the program website. Those who do not have a car or imable registered in their name can provide a bank account from June 1 to 30 and receive the amount in cash. To choose how you want to use the credits, you need to access the www.notalegal.df.gov.br portal, register for the program,© or update the information if the user©is already enrolled. After that, simply specify one of the three options. There is no minimum or maximum limit on the amount paid by either tax. If you want, you can collect the amount to get a higher discount on future issues, as©credits are available for up to two years from© launch.

It is important to remember that the user may not have©a pending decision on participation with the government of Brasilia. Learn more about credit redemption©–> goo.gl/GI04iZ. Legal Advice is a programme of the Economic Secretariat of the Federal District to promote the issuance of invoices and tax citizenship. It allows taxpayers to recover a portion of the ICMS and ISS collected by entities if they inform the CPF at the time of issuance of the document. On Tuesday (5) the period for requesting redemption of credits from the Legal Note cash program begins in the Federal District. The bank account to receive the amount can be created on the program`s website until July 31. The deadline for requesting price exchange, which ended on Wednesday (22), has been extended by the Economic Secretariat. Payment is addressed to consumers registered in the legal notice, which indicate the CPF in the note. The balance includes purchases made up to February of this year, and amounts accumulated under the program are valid for two years. Only those who do not owe debts to the tax office of the Federal District benefit from it. The Legal Note Awards buyout period begins on Tuesday (5.7.). For those who wish to withdraw the service, it is necessary to provide their bank details on the program website by July 31.

Only participants who have at least 25 R$ credits in the program and have no debt to the Federal District income will receive cash deposits. For a general orientation and clarification of doubts, the user can also contact the social networks fazenda do DF on Facebook or Twitter. The 100 with the highest ratings were published in the DODF on Wednesday (6) and the other 12,500 are available in s. The minimum refund is R$25. The discrepancies in the registration and the current or savings account must be the same property of the borrower. Participants can specify savings accounts or checking accounts, including digital accounts that have been added as an option. Only payroll accounts are not allowed. The procedure is carried out in the restricted area of the website, with exclusive access by cpf and saved password. The credit can be used within two years to reduce the value of the launch of the IPVA or IPTU.

The Secretariat for the Economy (Seec) recommends that Brasilienses do not leave at the last minute, because if the debt is still in the system, it will not be possible to demand the deposit. Note: Credits will be returned to the consumer if the bank account provided is not yours or if there is an error in the specification of bank, branch, account type and number, and can only be used in the following fiscal year. The responsible file must make the payment within 45 days of the end of the transfer period. Last year, Seec made 96,000 calls, resulting in a payment of R$17.1 million. The event will take place in the Adelssaal of Palazzo Buriti and will be streamed on YouTube. Next Friday (30) is the deadline for those who do not have property or vehicles in the Federal District to apply for the credits of the legal notice in cash. The amount is paid into a current or savings account in the taxpayer`s name in the second half of the year. Sign indicating that trading is included in the program Legal Note, DGF — Photo: Lucas Nanini/G1 The Economic Secretariat did not publish the deposit calendar until the last update of this report. From 2013, those who do not own property or vehicles associated with the CPF in the Federal District will be able to receive the credits of the legal note in cash, directly to a savings account or a current account. The measure follows the establishment of Law 4.886/2012. For this purpose, it is necessary to register again on the program portal and inform yourself about the period of indication of credits, which runs from 1 to 30 October.

June 2013 with the receipt of amounts from July of the same year, according to SEF`s announcement in the news published on the prorama nota legal website. Credits can be used for discounts in IPTU or IPVA as well as to receive money. In addition, those who participate in the legal note participate in the program`s annual raffles. INVOICING OF PREVIOUS YEARS` FEES Have you already started the deadline to indicate how you want to use #NotaLegal credits©? Users are up to 31 years old©. January the choice if they prefer a discount on IPTU, IPVA or donate the amounts to others. Difficulties in accessing the restricted area or granting credits should be reported by the Virtual Service Department or by Call Center 156, Option 3, and in the branches of the Federal District Tax Office. Take advantage of this opportunity and don`t forget to always ask for the tax receipt! The credits that can be used refer to the tax documents issued from 30.07.2012, date of publication of Law No. 4.886/2012 in the DODF, in accordance with Notice No. 023/2013 of the Tax Prosecutor`s Office – PROFESSIONALS / PGDF.

But remember: the benefit only applies to those who do not have to pay IPTU and IPVA. Otherwise, the advertising periods are different, since the taxable person benefits from the reduction or exemption of both taxes. The program currently has more than 1 million people registered. Most buy back the amounts at the beginning of the year against reductions in the IPVA and IPTU. In 2016, more than 34,000 people made the recommendation, which equates to about R$4.6 million. With each purchase from a participating company, the consumer informs his CPF or CNPJ and asks for his tax note or coupon. Government of Brasilia www.brasilia.df.gov.br #BrasÃliaNoRumoCerto Request for legal notice credits in cash The company registers the consumer`s CPF/CNPJ and issues the tax note or coupon, with the information submitted to the Ministry of Finance the following month. In this edition, taxpayers can specify a digital account for the deposit. However, to apply, you must have at least a credit of R$25.